Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Cats and Sweaters

I randomly decided to pick up a holiday sweater for my cat. I thought it would be adorable.

 photo sadkitty_carrieliao_zps727bb4e4.gif
She did not share the sentiment :C

(don't worry, she didn't wear it for long)


Cassie said...

lol! I love it!

Lidix said...

Hihi, It could be imposible to me just to put the sweater to my cat, so lucky you!haha!

Great sketches as always!Love it all!

FourEyedMonster said...

Hello! I like your drawings very much. ^_^ I have only recently started drawing again due to my need to do some concept sketches for some sculpting projects. I am more of a miniature painter, a hobby which I write about in my blog. I have added your blog to my blog roll and will be following your posts for some inspirations to help me in my attempt to draw again. =)

maymay said...

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Sarah Elisa said...

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Michael Syaukas said...

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