Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Cat in Paris

Ahh!! Poor little neglected blogspot :(
I'm going to patch this place up eventually but for now I figure I should crosspost some of the stuff I'm putting on tumblr. I feel like tumblr is good for quick updates but not long story posts, so hopefully I'll keep doing that here.

Anyway! I just recently came back from Paris and it inspired a series of doodles. There will definitely be more to come :)

Also, a friend and I will have a table at CTN-X so hope to see you guys there! We're at XT05. More info on that to come, too (soon!)


Ashley Perez said...

Beautiful illustrations!

tek! said...

Oh la la! Mervellieux!

Avner Geller said...

These are gorgeous, Carrie!!

MutantPixel said...

Wow, happy you are posting again. Thanks.

Viv said...

Amazing as always!!! Oh and you've had a Tumblr all this time?! Sorry I've been horrible at keeping up...ok gonna follow now <3

Riley MacGregor said...

ces croquis sont vraiment superbes -magnifiques!

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